Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Meg's Doggy Daycare licensed?

In 2018 the Animal Welfare Act was introduced to protect the welfare of dogs in a boarding and daycare environment. Any person offering home boarding and doggy daycare services need to be inspected by their Local Authority on an annual basis and pass all the necessary criteria prior to a license being issued. So you can rest assured that Meg's Doggy Daycare operates with all the necessary policies and procedures in place offering a safe and secure environment for your dog as stipulated by the Animal Welfare Act of 2018.

Please ask to see the license of a business before you consider leaving your dog in their care.

Can a dog attend Megs' Doggy Daycare without a Meet and Greet or trial session?

No, as stipulated in the Animal Welfare Act of 2018 I need to meet all dogs prior to them attending Meg's Doggy Daycare to ensure that it is the right environment for the dog. Home boarding and doggy daycare does not suit every dog.

Does Meg's Doggy Daycare have a Puppy Policy?

Yes, I do have a puppy policy. Puppies over the age of 6-8 months will gladly be welcomed to Meg's Doggy Daycare on a daycare basis and will be welcomed on a boarding basis from the age of 10 months old. As I run Meg's Doggy Daycare from home I do not have a special 'puppy' room for very young puppies. A puppy needs to be robust and confident enough to mix with dogs of all ages and sizes. Puppies also need to be fully house trained before they can be left in my care.

Can un-neutered dogs attend Meg's Doggy Daycare?

No, I only accept neutered male dogs once they are over 1 year old. An intact male changes the dynamics of a pack of dogs and puts the neutered males on high alert.

Can a bitch in season attend Meg's Doggy Daycare?

No, if a bitch comes into season while boarding at Meg's Doggy Daycare they will need to be moved and re-homed with their emergency contact. Again, a bitch in season changes the dynamics of a pack of dogs and is not conducive to a home boarding or daycare scenario .

What is Meg's Doggy Daycare's Enrichment Programme?

I offer an “Enrichment Programme” for dogs in my care which includes games, puzzles and other fun doggy activities such as a doggy paddling pool, popping bacon flavoured bubbles, an agility tunnel and tug-of-war. 

Why do so many forms need to be completed before a dog can attend Meg's Doggy Daycare?

Again, it is a stipulation of the Animal Welfare Act so it is necessary to complete several forms which cover your details, emergency contact details, feeding regime and times, vet’s details, dog’s behaviour, sleeping habits, dog’s health, off-lead walking and permission to board with other dogs. Plus any other information that will be helpful for me to provide your dog with the best possible care.

Is home boarding and daycare suitable for all dogs?

No. I have learned through my experience of home boarding and offering daycare that it is not suitable for nervous dogs who suffer from separation anxiety or hyper dogs that do not know how to calm down whilst with other dogs. I am happy to accept all breeds as long as your dog is obedient, non-destructive and non-aggressive, and has a sociable and well-balanced nature.