Dog Walking

Dogs are as individual as we are. So at Meg's Doggy Daycare I take into consideration each dog's personality, size and age when putting a group together for a walk. A dog will only be walked off lead with signed permission by you, it's owner. I encourage a dog to be walked off lead if possible, as this allows a dog to maximise it's walk by running, sniffing and socialising with other dogs.

As I will be walking a number of dogs together at anyone time it is essential that your dog is well socialised with other dogs, and will not put myself or any of the other dogs I am walking into a compromising situation by having poor recall or possibly being aggressive towards other dogs.


I am police checked so that you can rest assured that leaving your keys with me to pick up and drop off your dog at your home is all part of the service I offer. I only offer a pick up and drop off service for dog walking, and not for boarding or daycare.

It will be necessary before I walk your dog for all of us to meet up to ensure we all get along and fun is going to be had by all.

Group Walk

This is a group walk of no more than four dogs walked together for an hour. This is an excellent walk for dogs that are sociable or a younger dog that needs socialising. 

Price: £15 per dog

         £12 for second dog from the same household




Cheam  Belmont

Sutton  Carshalton